Open meetings for residential and day opportunities consultation

Residential Consultation – feedback and open meeting

Consultation meetings on the options for the future of residential care in Briistol are well underway. The current focus is on talking with staff, residents and families in each home. In the past week meetings have been held at Redfield, Brentry, Maesknoll, Bowmead, Combe and Rockwell.

As well at looking at the three proposed options for the future delivery of residential care, questions have been asked about timescales for moving to new homes if a home closes.

Concerns have also been raised about the accountability of providers. While there is a level of trust in council-run services, families want to see good levels of monitoring in place for alternative providers to ensure that residents receive good quality care.

An open meeting about the residential consultation is taking place at on 6th June at 6 pm at The Council House.

Equalities meetings about the consultations

A meeting about the equality issues for both the residential and day opportunities consultations is being held at The Council House on the 24th May.

Day Opportunities Consultation – feedback and open meeting

Consultation meetings on the options for the future of Day Opportunities in Bristol are well underway. In the past week we have been talking with service users, carers and staff at Lanercost, Bristol 600, River Street, St George, The Park, Greville, Dovercourt, Lockleaze and Westleigh.

As well as discussing the three proposed options, questions have been raised about what alternative services will be available, how personal budgets work and how Bristol City Council will continue to meet eligible needs.

Reassurance has been given that no change to people’s current services as a result of this consultation will be made until:

  • a decision has been made by Cabinet to progress with any of the options
  • people have had a review and alternative services have been identified that will meet their eligible needs.

This will take some time and all staff involved will be working to make sure that any change is managed carefully and sensitively to meet the needs of service users and carers.

An open meeting about the Day Opportunities Consultation is taking place on 7th June at 6 pm at The Council House.

Find out more and have your say

In addition to coming along to these meetings, you can find out more and complete response forms at the following web pages:

Next phase of consultation for residential and day opportunities services

On 29th March 2012, Cabinet agreed to proceed with the next stage of consultation on the future of Residential Care Homes and Day Opportunities in Bristol.

Three options have been identified for Residential Care Homes and three options for Day Opportunities. Consultation will now take place on these options for the next 12 weeks ending on 25th June 2012. A  report will then go back to Cabinet in July  for a decision.

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